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Saint Laurent celebrates rock’n’roll

 Did anybody ever say that Hedi Slimane is any calculable? He wants us to watch (Y)SL, and the truth is that we dutifully do…Hedi may shock the YSL devoted crowd with the breaking news, which claims the appointment of Marilyn Manson for the label’s pre-fall campaign. For the Saint Laurent Music Project, a self-styled portrait series of Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon and Ariel Pink as models predicts that the SL Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was just the beginning.

Vika Gazinskaya’s Russian whimsicality

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Guess I’m one of those rare minds who feels much propensity towards Russia with its culture, art and language and despite its coldness. My old-new favourite Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya is one of the living proof why Russia attracts me. She is undoubtedly whimsical but with serious intentions behind; she is the women who wears no fur in -25 and teaches clients  how to tone down the furs and jewels. As for her latest Autumn/Winter collection, the faux fur teddy-bear, and fox stuffed-animal-like scarves might look silly for the first sight, but not after the conscious idea is being explained: it’s a rebellion, to send up today’s fur oriented fashion world, the false belief of admiring fur as the biggest source of luxury achievable. But besides all the cartoonish edge, cleverly, she embroidered rather naive-looking oversize jewelry onto her collars or emphasised massive A-lines ending in bows, hence showcasing her dreamland, while still having two feet on the ground. By being part of the ‘Russian pack’, Gazinskaya’s designs speak of expensive yet impeccable taste, by carrying luxurious sophistication inspired by her home-country where people still don’t understand that fashion is an industry, and that one can make a lot of money from it. Continue reading

Sustainable Cravings: STABEL

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I have met Maja, the designer of the STABEL label last summer, while I did backstage photography during Copenhagen Fashion Week. She had this interesting concept called ‘zero-waste’, and was designing for David Andersen at the time. Since then, she owns her own label, which she runs in Oslo, Norway. Read her thoughts about her brand new label, her passion and her fascination towards to sustainable design. Continue reading

Interview with jewellery designer NASHA


We went to the same high school with Sarolta Nagy, the designer of NASHA in Hungary a couple of years ago. Since then, she launched her jewellery label and by creating edgy texture mash-ups incorporated into contemporary pieces, NASHA counts as a tastemaker in Budapest’s fashion-scene. 

Where did the idea of becoming a jewellery designer come from?

Sounds a bit of a cliche, but I have always been interested in art. I worked with window displays in Budapest, where I got to deal with different textural expressions and handle them according to rules and proportions, but most of all with a very creative approach. Another contributory circumstance was that my mother owns an arts and crafts store in my hometown, where I have also been working since two years. Probably this was the point when I started to bethink myself of jewellery design. Continue reading

The Monday Treat: I DO ART Exhibition

I DO ART Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark

I DO ART Exhibition – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has always been one of my number one cities culture-wise, art-wise, fashion-wise – luckily I get to live here. The city embraces diverse range of artists, designers, cosy galleries as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions. Yesterday I have visited a small one-week exhibition in VESS (Vesterbro), showcasing  illustrators’, graphic designers’, photographers’ and art enthusiasts’ artworks. The event celebrated the 2 years existence of the I Do Art Agency, which involves selected danish artists and provides a creative platform for this emerging contemporary scene.
Check out the event here:

Check out the event here:

Among others, artist like Karen Segall exhibited her artworks, which are blurring the boundaries of dreamy and dark, while drawing upon subcultural edges. The young talent My Buemann displayed artwork called ‘If only life was simple’, which is a poster-series in muted pastels made with screen print  technique, where failure is perceived as a unique and positive attribute. Jewellery label Rocks&Rabbit creates handcrafted jewellery from crystals, metals and rocks and celebrates the closeness of nature twisted with contemporary aesthetics. Rune Christensen‘s illustrated bodies with deer antlers were one of my favourites with leaving no empty space on the religiously covered skins. Each drawing is a whole visual assemblage of a creative story that Rune brought to life. I can only say I’m impressed and always glad to celebrate creative souls. You can visit the exhibition till the 15th of February!